Modular Homes

A home constructed in a factory and built to local & state building codes.  They are transported to the home site in two or more sections and are site-assembled.  These homes must be placed on a permanent foundation. These homes are offered under our Holiday Homes division.

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Modular Homes

What is Modular?

A factory built home constructed in two or more sections. The home is almost completed in the factory and then it is transported to the homesite and assembled. Unlike a HUD-code home, which must adhere to a national code, modular homes are regulated by state building codes. These homes must be placed on a permanent foundation.

Advantages to Modular Building

  1. Building materials are protected from weather-related damages.
  2. Inspections occur during the building process to insure residential codes are met.
  3. Fewer delays due to bad weather at the building site.
  4. Reduced build time.


Conventional Homes

Or Site-Built

A home constructed solely at the home site. These homes are constructed to individual state codes on permanent foundations through a traditional building process.

Advantages to Conventional Building with Freedom Homes

  1. Over 32 available floorplans.
  2. Guaranteed build time.
  3. Built-in Energy Efficient Package.
  4. 130 Point Whole-Home Quality Independent Inspection.
  5. 10 Year Limited Structural Warranty.