About Us

Holiday Homes was founded in 1969 by Dan Rolfes.  Since then, Holiday Homes has been the leader of manufactured homes in the tri-state area.  In 1995 Freedom Homes was founded as a conventional home builder.  Today, the two divisions provide customers with many housing choices- both manufactured and site built or conventionally built homes - and prices that start as low as $15,000 and go over $300,000.  We will build on your lot or in one of our many tri-state area communities.

In short, we sell several different types of housing. Here is a brief overview of our offerings:

  • Manufactured Home: A home constructed in a factory and built to the HUD code.  It is transported to the home site in one or more sections and site-assembled. Some commonly used words to describe this type of housing are “single wide” or “double wide”. These homes are designed to be a dwelling with or without a permanent foundation. These homes are offered under our Holiday Homes division.
  • Modular Home: A home constructed in a factory and built to local & state building codes.  They are transported to the home site in two or more sections and are site-assembled.  These homes must be placed on a permanent foundation. These homes are offered under our Holiday Homes division.
  • Conventional Homes or Stick Built/ Site Built Homes: These homes are constructed at the home site as opposed to in a factory.  These homes are built on permanent foundations.  These homes are built with the same materials and labor as other homebuilders.  We offer these homes under our Freedom Homes division.

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To date, Holiday Homes & Freedom Homes have sold over 21,000 homes.  Our company has grown from its initial three employees into one of the largest family owned housing companies in the area.  From financing to closing, we are committed to making your home buying experience easy and enjoyable.

Our business philosophy is simple.  We give our customers housing choices that include value, qualify, superior energy efficiency and 100% satisfaction.

We are part of the Meridian Mark Management family of companies, owned and operated by the Rolfes family. Meridian Mark is a holding company with diverse interests from housing development to office parks, flooring to banking. We employ more than 100 professionals. We believe smart business practices and doing what is right for your customer transcends industry. We are successful because we continually strive to exceed the needs of our customers, regardless of what industry we are serving. Learn more about Meridian Mark Management.


Green Building

We offer many options to make your homes even more energy efficient than our standard. We can build homes with geothermal heating and cooling, blown cellulose insulation, and even 2x6 interior walls. These options cost little up front and will save you big for years to come on your energy bills. Ask a representative for details.


Are manufactured homes energy efficient?

Yes many manufacturers have started adding green features to their homes. Below are a few of the programs from our manufacturers.




Whether you want a site-built Freedom Home or a manufactured home, Holiday Homes can save you thousands of dollars with our energy efficient products.


How does Geothermal Energy Work?

Enjoy $78/month* utility bills when you upgrade your new home to a Geothermal system...the most efficient and environmentally safe heating and cooling option available. Using the earth's constant core temperature, homeowners can expect up to 60% cost savings on heating, cooling and hot water. The diagram below illustrates how Geothermal systems work.

Geothermal systems are an available upgrade on all Freedom Homes. Ask a sales associate for an analysis on how much you can save with Geothermal.